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Editorial Committee


The Director of this publication is the President of the European Association for American Studies, Philip McGowan, Senior Lecturer in American Literature, Queens University, Belfast, UK,

Editor for literature, culture, the arts and “American Studies”

Marek Paryż(Poland)

Associate editors

Andrew Gross (Germany)

Roxana Oltean (Romania)

Jean-Yves Pellegrin (France)

Editor for history, social sciences and international relations

Frank Gerits(South Africa)

Associate editor

John Dumbrell (Great Britain)

Book Reviews Editor

Theodora Tsimpouki (Greece)

Co-Editors for web presence

Ben Offiler and Michelle Green (Great Britain) acts as the webkeepers of;,

Advisory Board

Terms ending 30th April 2017

Manfred Berg (Germany)

Carmen Flys-Junquera(Spain)

Sheila Hones (Japan)

Zbigniew Mazur (Poland)

Giuseppe Nori (Italy)

Terms ending 30th April 2019

Kacper Bartczak (Poland)

Francois Brunet (France)

Ferdinando Fasce (Italy)

Jessica Gienow-Hecht (Germany)

Lisa Yaszek (USA)

Terms ending 30th April 2021

Christine Bold (Canada)

Isabel Duran (Spain)

Alan Gibbs (Ireland)

Peter Schneck (Germany)

Maria Holmgren Troy (Sweden)

Terms ending 30th April 2023

John Howard (UK)

Andrea Mariani (Italy)

Andrew Rudalevige (USA)

Sandra Scanlon (Ireland)

Tanfer Tunc (Turkey)